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Terrance T Robinson


Smoothtown Entertainment Network is a full service marketing/consulting agency. We help people in the informational areas that they may be lacking in order to give them that extra edge. It is always said when you know better you do better .. Our question is if you don't know, How do you find out? The answer is clear. You can get all the in depth inside information you need to better understand the entertainment/music industry and how it works. Everything from contractual breakdowns to the right contract for your personal needs.The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How's of the game. This is for the serious professionals on the grind seeking to get further in the industry with their career. We offer services such as Media Opportunities, Branding and more.


 True creative ways of having one visualize what they are speaking to you. As though they are speaking in parables so simple in breakdown that a child would understand.

Sam G.

Tellyvizion Media

The Smoothtown team are not just patient and understanding. They are consistent and go above and beyond for their clients. We were treated fair and they were so straight forwardly honest in their capabilities.

Tess Timout

Head of Positive Energy, The Internet

Smoothtown Entertainment Network is by far one of the best marketing teams i have ever encountered. They offer a variety of services and they are realistic, friendly and courteous. They believe in true customer / client satisfaction.



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